Leverage 30+ Years of Experience in Estate and Elder Law & Cutting-Edge AI Tools to Transform Your Marketing Strategy!

Introducing Law Firm Marketing Mastery:

More Clients, More Impact!
With Done For You Content, Strategy & Training!

🌍 The world of marketing is shifting beneath our feet - and fast.

You've sensed it. You've seen the signs.

SEO is morphing, product and service search is revolutionizing, social media algorithms are a moving target, and AI's potential seems to grow exponentially every day. 

💡 It's clear: the future of marketing is here, and it's firmly rooted in AI.

😰 Maybe you've felt the strain of trying to keep pace, the anxiety of falling behind. Maybe you're just tired of spending time you don't have to chase the next shiny tech object, or the latest promising strategy. You and your team are law experts, not marketing guinea pigs - your focus should be serving your clients, not deciphering the ever-evolving algorithms of SEO and social media.

Step Into the Future Confidently With the
Law Firm Marketing Mastery Program.

This innovative coaching, training, and mentorship program bridges the gap between cutting-edge AI tools and decades of proven marketing strategies. We've done the legwork, spent the 6-figure sum on tech, navigated the trials, and come out with a blueprint to success that we're ready to hand to you.


🎯 Embrace the future, stay ahead of the curve, and let us guide you to more clients, more impact.

This potent combination will lead to:

🎯 More Clients: Attract and convert leads more efficiently, filling your firm's client roster like never before.

💡 More Impact: Reach a broader audience and establish your firm as a forward-thinking industry leader in your community. You will be the celebrity estate and elder law attorney in your town!

More Time: Streamline and automate your marketing processes, freeing you up to focus on practicing law and spending time with your loved ones!

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Here's Your Roadmap:
The Monthly Components of
Law Firm Marketing Mastery

Every month, we will embark on a structured journey designed to accelerate your growth and enhance your marketing prowess. Below is the roadmap of our monthly milestones in the Law Firm Marketing Mastery Program:

  • Mastery Sessions – These masterclasses are personally tailored to your needs as the marketing industry and technology powering it continues to shift and grow. I’ll be there, sharing all the knowledge I've acquired over the years and the latest on new technologies as they are quickly changing, ensuring your marketing strategy is on the right path.

  • Monthly Content Co-Creation Labs – Each month we will host co-working collaborative sessions where we'll work together to create compelling marketing content with the help of AI tools for ease and simplicity. These will be hands-on with Laura Lee and members of the Legal Marketing Team for complete hand holding and training time! Imagine having all of your content ready to go the month before it’s even needed!
  • Elite Circle Access – Connect with high-performing, like-minded attorneys in our exclusive community who are all on similar journeys and using the same tools. Learn from their experiences, leverage shared wisdom, and form invaluable alliances.

  • Weekly Momentum Motivator Sessions – Our accountability and implementation sessions are designed to keep you on track and ensure continuous progress. These are quick, regular check-ins at the start of each week that will serve as your personal motivator, driving progress and cementing your firms' position as a marketing powerhouse.

  • Innovator's Edge – Stay ahead of the game with exclusive early access to the latest AI tools, equipping you with a technological advantage. We spend almost six figures a year staying immersed in high-level masterminds and enabling us to stay on the cutting edge of the tools and gadgets so that you don’t have to! We’ll spare you the trial and error and the chasing of each and every bright shiny object, so you aren’t wasting time or money.

And as if all that wasn't enough, here's the cherry on top: every month, you'll receive our Content Made Simple marketing materials. With our ready made content, you never have to start the month from scratch with your content creation.

Sounds amazing, right? I can assure you,
it's even better than it sounds!

We put all the content in your hands, each and every month, that you need for a SOLID marketing foundation to ensure maximum conversions!

We know how important relationships are and that in order to really see an impact, relationships MUST BE NURTURED! We don’t want you and your team to start with a blank slate each month, so we decided that as part of your membership, you'll also receive our Content Made Simple program which gives you ready-made content templates each and every month, saving you time and streamlining your content production. 

Every month this will include:

Weekly Blog Posts:  Expand your digital footprint with SEO-optimized blog posts. Draw in prospective clients through insightful, engaging content that positions your firm as an industry leader. Say goodbye to writer's block - we've got you covered.

Daily Social Media Posts and Graphics: Stay top of mind with daily posts designed to foster engagement, build trust, and strengthen your online presence. Plus, our eye-catching graphics make it easy to stand out in the cluttered social media landscape. 

Electronic Newsletter:  Boost your brand visibility and maintain regular contact with your audience with a ready-made electronic newsletter. Featuring professional design and compelling content, it's a hassle-free way to keep your audience engaged and informed about your latest updates.

Print Newsletter:  Add a personal touch to your outreach with a print newsletter. It's a tangible reminder of your firm's value and a fantastic way to build deeper relationships with your clients. Plus, it’s completely customizable to fit your brand's aesthetic. We will show you a TON of ways to use this newsletter even if you are not dropping it in the mail!

Weekly Video Templates:  Engage your audience with compelling videos. Our customizable templates simplify video production, saving you time while ensuring high-quality, engaging content. Make your mark in the digital space with ease. 

Remember, every piece of content you put out there represents your firm. With our materials, rest assured you're showing your best side, every single time, because we understand the practice area and have many many years of both professional and personal experiences that we bring to each and every piece of content we create.

This valuable bonus allows you to consistently deliver fresh, high-quality content to your audience with limited effort, it also gives you a TON of content to work with on repurposing!

This will ensure your foundation is on solid ground every month and you aren’t throwing money into a black hole, as we supercharge all of your other marketing efforts!

The investment in this program to receive all of this direct mentorship, training, team support, ready-made content, accountability, and huge ROI is only $897 per month.

Founding Members can save $300 per month using the code FOUNDER at checkout!
Lock in this entire program for $597

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Got Questions? Reservations?
I totally get it.

This isn't just another shiny object to distract you. We get results.

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Law Firm Marketing Mastery is all about YOU - your time, your investment, your results. But hey, you don't have to take my word for it. Let's tackle those concerns head-on and dive into why this program is the game-changer you've been searching for. 💪

Let me share a few real life experiences of our clients from just the last year:

Success Story: The Case of the Saved Marketing Event

When one of our members was invited to speak at an event, they faced a daunting situation: only a few attendees had signed up. The client had no control over the marketing because it was managed by the inviting organization, and the event was FIVE days away. Thankfully, they reached out to us for help.

We quickly formulated a game plan:

1️⃣ We helped them create a compelling ad copy that not only highlighted the client but also showed appreciation for the inviting organization. 

2️⃣ We designed captivating graphics for the event, discarding the existing ones. 

3️⃣ We ran an affordable Facebook ad campaign, driving traffic to the event while acknowledging the inviting organization.

Our efforts yielded fantastic results: the number of registered attendees shot up to 32. Our client was spared the embarrassment of speaking to an almost empty room, and everyone was happy.

This case demonstrates that with a little creativity, you can turn a seemingly hopeless situation into a success. When life — or your marketing — gives you lemons, we're here to help you make lemonade. 🍋  This is the type of 911 support and coaching you can expect in this group! 

Success Story: The Power of Consistent Marketing

Jonathan, a solo practitioner, had never consistently marketed to his clients and prospects through email and social media. After just six months of consistent marketing with our “plug and play” materials that you will receive with this program, he saw his business grow by over 40%. Our approach shows that consistent communication can create significant growth, even for solo practitioners. 📈


Success Story: The Impact of Quality Content

Amanda was delighted to report that her firm’s lead generation went up by 125% due to the content we provided. They found our blogs versatile and useful, boosting their SEO, serving as material for social media posts and even content for their newsletters. In fact, their compelling newsletter content led to three prospects making new appointments after their first mailing using our content and strategies—something that’s never happened before with their old newsletter! With our program, content is king, and it can lead to substantial improvements in lead generation. 👑"

Success Story: The Revitalization of Old Relationships

"David reached a new milestone in February 2023. He hit $40,000 per month in revenue, and he did it despite his site being down due to a hack. Our campaigns reinvigorated business and referrals from clients he hadn't heard from in years. It just goes to show that with the right marketing, old relationships can be revitalized and contribute to your success. 💼"

Success Story: The Power of Personal Connection

Gary shared a touching story about a woman who attended a seminar years ago but didn't move forward. Over time, she received all of Gary's emails we provided him and started referring to him as 'her guy', despite initially having a different attorney. She finally decided to engage Gary's services to update her plan, rather than using the old attorney, proving that consistent and personal email marketing truly works! 💌"

Still not sure? This should answer any remaining
questions you may have.

"Wow, another program? I just don't have the time." 🕰️ We understand that as an attorney, your time is precious. Our program is designed with that in mind. Instead of adding to your plate, our ready-made content templates and monthly co-creation labs are intended to save you time, and we've even built in ways for your team to get involved and take tasks off your hands.

"This sounds great, but it seems costly." 💰 We hear you, we belong to several very high level coaching programs, most that are a MUCH higher investment. That's why we emphasize that this program is an investment in your future. The referrals and clients you'll gain through the strategies you learn here will more than cover the cost. Plus, as a founding member, you're getting in at an unbeatable deal, the investment is nominal when you compare to other programs and the ROI.

"I don't know if my team is ready for this." 🤝 We've designed the Law Firm Marketing Mastery to be a team effort. We believe in the power of delegation and provide guidance on how to best involve your team in the marketing process. 

"I'm not tech-savvy. What if I can't keep up?" 💻 Tech stress is real, but we're here to guide you. We walk you through every step of the process and offer early access to the latest AI tools, all with the goal of making things simpler, not more complicated.

"How do I know this will really work for me?" 📈 Trust is important, and we know our program delivers. We have decades of experience and a slew of client success stories to back up our claims. 

"What if I get lost in the crowd?" 👩‍💼 Despite being a group program, we're committed to giving you personalized attention. Our interactive mastery sessions and monthly labs are designed to address your specific needs. 

In joining Law Firm Marketing Mastery, you're not just joining a "coaching" or "training" program. You're embarking on a journey towards success, with a team of experts guiding you and equipping you and your team every step of the way.

The investment in this program to receive all of this direct mentorship, training, team support, ready-made content, accountability, and huge ROI is only $897 per month.

Founding Members can save $300 per month using the code FOUNDER at checkout!
Lock in this entire program for $597 per month

"From your 21 Day Bootcamp to DFY marketing materials you and your team are so clearly committed to helping attorneys like me help our clients. Thanks for giving us a tool that lets us reach a wide audience through our blog, newsletter and press releases. Legal Marketing Maven is an invaluable partner for The Powers Law Firm!” 

- Lisa Powers

risk free

Our Unbeatable 'WOW' Guarantee

We're so confident that you'll love our program,
we've backed it with our ironclad 'WOW' Guarantee.

Here's how it works:

✅ Enroll in the program and dive into the materials.

✅ If, for any reason, you're not absolutely thrilled with what you see, let us know within the first 24 hours. 

✅ We will promptly refund every penny you paid, no fuss, no muss.

And that's not all. There are no contracts or commitments to worry about. This is a month-to-month partnership where we're committed to overdelivering and leaving your entire team saying 'WOW' each and every month.

The pressure is on us, not you. So why wait? Join us today and experience the transformation risk-free! 🚀

Founding Members can save $300 per month using the code FOUNDER at checkout!
Lock in this entire program for $597 per month

"As a very busy solo practitioner I know the importance of making certain that "things" do not fall through the cracks. Laura and her team understood the importance of this as well. I retained Laura's services a few years ago to assist me in implementing processes and procedures for each type of client I assist. 

The methods she and I put together worked with my goals and the quality of service I wanted to maintain and provide my clients with. Laura made suggestions that I had not thought about and provided alternate (and honestly…better) methods to accomplish my end result. 

I have used several of Laura Lee's marketing campaigns and strategies. They were each written with the goal of educating the public and spotlighting the firm. And they worked! 

Without a doubt, I would recommend Laura Lee with any type of Legal Marketing. She will grow your firm…you just need to listen and implement!” 

- Sabrina Winters 

👋If you are an estate or elder law attorney aiming to power up your marketing, attract more clients, and amplify your impact…THIS IS the right place. 

Embark on your marketing success journey with us.

With us, you don't just get a one-and-done marketing course; you're signing up for a journey that will transform your approach to marketing. Our success path consists of vital milestones, each designed to propel you and your team towards CONTINUED unparalleled marketing success.  

We weave these milestones into each of your monthly trainings to ensure that no matter where you are in your marketing journey– whether you are advanced with a full marketing team or your team is still small and in start-up mode– we work hard so that no one is ever left behind educationally and that you always have the foundation you need for turn-key success!

Some of the milestones you can expect to achieve when partnering with us:

🚀 Design Your "Brand Blueprint”. Here, you'll dive deep into understanding your firm's identity, values, and goals. You'll come out with a crystal-clear vision of your target audience and key messaging. Even if you’ve done this branding work in the past, new AI tools can help unlock unique selling propositions (USPs) and help you deliver your firm’s story in a more powerful way than you ever thought possible. We’ve tested this with our own message that we’ve been using for 15 years and we’ve been blown away by the results! We can’t wait for you to dive into these new strategies that will have customers chomping at the bit to learn more about your firm.

🚀 Master Your Content Creation. You'll discover new ways to create engaging content that gets RESULTS (ad clicks, website clicks, email opens, seminar sign-ups, appointment sign-ups, etc.) and learn how to use AI tools to easily repurpose the content you create so that you are getting 5x the marketing juice for your efforts! 

🚀 Become a Systems Sorcerer. Overwhelmed by tech and the actual job of “making it all work?” No problem! We share our screens, record videos, and offer detailed trainings so that you know to properly use all of the foundational systems you need to keep your content machine running– focusing on email marketing, CRM setup, and lead nurturing strategies. You'll also unlock the power of SEO and optimize your content for search engines. And we help you automate all of these steps and systems wherever possible so you hardly have to think about them! 

🚀 Amplify and Automate Your Messaging. With the foundational groundwork laid, we’ll help you begin the process of amplifying your messaging and doing it in an automated way so that you are reaching more people in your community than ever before. You'll learn advanced marketing tactics and AI-powered tools that can crack open new doors, catch the attention of your local media for TV and print PR and drive more leads than ever before.

🚀 Enjoy Data-Driven Decision Making. Learn to measure your marketing efforts and optimize them for improved results. We’ll provide you with tools and resources that will help you make empowered decisions with data and facts so that you can stop feeling like you are throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. 

Every step of this journey is backed by our experienced team who have been at the forefront of estate and elder law marketing for over three decades. Not only will you master cutting-edge technology, but you'll also construct a rock-solid marketing foundation. 

Let’s work together to build you a firm that allows you to serve your community in a bigger way, without constantly stressing over where the next client is coming from.

🔥Imagine the potential! More clients, more impact, more growth. Are you ready to transform your marketing and elevate your firm?

Enroll now and start your journey towards mastering law firm marketing. It's time for you to make an impact and bring in more clients than ever before. Click the button below and let's get started!

Join Us and Become a Founding Member Today!

As a founding member of Law Firm Marketing Mastery, you'll not only receive all these benefits, but you'll also have the unique opportunity to shape the direction of the program. Your input and feedback will be integral in creating a program that truly serves the needs of Estate and Elder Law attorneys. 

Founding Members can save $300 per month
using the code FOUNDER at checkout!
Lock in this entire program for $597 per month

Who Is This For?

🏛️ The Proactive Attorney: You're an estate or elder law attorney who's ready to take a proactive approach to grow your firm and you're not afraid to embrace new strategies.

 💼 The Team Builder: You value your team and want them to learn alongside you, capitalizing on the power of group learning and development.

🔄 The Content Creator: You're excited by the prospect of turning a single piece of content into multiple, powerful marketing pieces.

🌐 The Relationship Cultivator: You believe in nurturing relationships with clients, prospects, and referral sources, and you understand that consistent, valuable content is key to this process.

💡 The Tech-Savvy Innovator: You recognize the power of AI and cutting-edge technology in streamlining your marketing and are excited to gain priority access to such tools.

 📈 The Results-Driven Achiever: You're looking for measurable results and understand that the right marketing strategies can significantly increase your leads, clients, and cash flow.

Who Is This NOT For?

🚫 The Tech-Phobe: You're hesitant to embrace new technology and prefer to stick to traditional marketing methods.

🆘 The Lone Ranger: You want to learn everything on your own, without the support of a community or team.

💸 The Quick-Result Seeker: You're looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, not understanding that sustainable growth and success require consistent effort and strategic planning.

The Short-Term Player: You're not interested in long-term strategies or building deep relationships with your clients.

 🙈The Hesitant Implementer: You love learning new strategies but struggle with implementing them in your business.

🚷 The One-Off Content Creator: You don't see the value in repurposing content and prefer creating new content every time.

Please note, Law Firm Marketing Mastery is designed for proactive, tech-savvy attorneys looking to scale their practices. It is not suited for those seeking short-term, quick-fix solutions or those hesitant to embrace new technology.

Why Legal Marketing Maven?

There are no long-term contracts.

There are no contracts or commitments to worry about. This is a month-to-month partnership where we're committed to overdelivering and leaving your entire team saying 'WOW' each and every month.

We give you marketing content with no strings attached.

The content we provide you is yours forever to do what you please with on your website or social accounts. 

Everyone on our core team has a legal background and we understand your ethical constraints.

We are mindful of the things you can and cannot say when marketing and we do everything with excellence and professionalism in mind. Not to mention Laura Lee brings 30+ years of hands-on experience in working with Estate and Elder law firms to the table.

We’re accessible.

You need something, you contact us directly—via phone or email. There’s no help desk, automated customer service bots, or hoops to jump through. Same with our core staff. If you have content topic ideas or want to see some specific changes, just reach out and we’ll do our best to accommodate

We ONLY create these materials for estate and elder law firms.

We are a company that lives and breathes this practice area. Again, our team members have worked in-house, attended law school, and some are practicing attorneys. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at our legal/technical knowledge and how naturally we write and market for you. (Shhhhh: we also create content behind-the-scenes for a number of nationally renowned estate and elder law membership organizations that you likely know and belong to! We know our stuff.)

We've been doing this for a very long time, and we get it.


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